You are about to do an internship in Germany and would now like to learn a few words of the local language? An excellent decision! Learning a new language is always rewarding, and just knowing how to order a coffee or a beer, or how to greet your fellow co-workers in their language, gives your self-confidence a boost and makes your time in the host country even more exciting.

On this page we have gathered several links that our trainees have found useful and helpful in the past in learning German. The websites are all free and cover all levels from beginners to advanced, so whether you have never even heard German, or consider yourself a master at it, you will most likely find exercises that are useful for you. We reckon learning a language should be fun and interesting (and not just dull grammar lessons), which is why we have made this list for you!

Ways to learn German:

Phrase book English-German LC Aachen has made a little English-German phrase book for you

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary A funny illustrated dictionary for learning useful words that you need on a daily basis

Memrise Memrise is a great website and very useful in learning vocabulary. Their ‘flash card’ feature is very effective in memorising words

Deutsche Welle - Learn German A lot of free German courses for all levels. Very comprehensive and versatile

“German is easy” -videos They have subtitles in English and German

Jojo sucht das Glück A silly soap opera for people learning German. The language used is pretty simple, and the subtitles are a great help when trying to get a hang of spoken German

Your daily German A blog explaining German words and expressions in detail with plenty of examples. The blog might be more interesting for people who are already a bit more advanced or just really into the German language. The articles are quite long, but really useful

German music:

Here are a few famous German bands – if you can understand them, you are a true master ;-)

Die Ärtze

Deine Schuld

Schrei nach Liebe

Lasse reden

Die Toten Hosen

Tage wie diese

Nur zu Besuch


Ich will




Peter Fox

Alles neu

Haus am See

Culcha Candela



Perfekte Welle

Du lügst so schön

Daniel Wirtz

Heute weiß ich

Ne Weile her

German children’s music:

Schnappi (und seine Freunde)

Simple lyrics and easy to follow!

Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil

Ein Lama in Yokohama