These pages contain viable information for foreign students, who applied for an IAESTE-internship in Hannover.

With IAESTE it is unfortunatly not possible, to directly apply to a certain Local Comitee for an internship. Therfore we won't attend to applications coming from Germany or abroad for an internship in Germany. Those of you who are interssted to do an internship in Germany we kindly ask to contact the IAESTE National Comitee in your country.

Information for IAESTE-Trainees in Hannover

Dear Applicants!

We are glad you applied for an internship in Dresden. As soon as you get accepted by your employer, you are ready to go!

Our Local Comitee in Hannover consists of about five students. We are working voluntarily for IAESTE because we are interessted in getting to know foreign students, different cultures and languages - just like you! Therefore we are doing everything to make your stay here in Hannover as enjoyable and fun as possible. With Summerprogram we organize many different trips and events for our trainees. During your internship you have the possibility to acquire important experiences for your field of study. At the same time we want you to get to know the german society and culture. Together with us and other trainees you will for sure have an unforgatable stay here in Hannover!

Within this pages you will find some important information for your stay here in Hannover. Should you have any other questions, please don't hestitate to contact us!

First steps after your acceptance

As soon as the employer returns the acceptance papers the IAESTE national commitee will send them to you. Once you get these papers it`s time for you to organize some things:

  • Within 2 weeks fill out the form N5/b and send it to your homecountries national commitee (sometimes there are more forms to fill out and send). Once as we get your N5/b we start looking for your accommodation. It is very important that we get the N5/b as soon as possible.

  • If you are not a citizen of the European Union you need a visa for Germany. Since the processing may take severeal weeks you should apply for a visa at your closet German embassy as soon as possible. For this application you need the N5/b. Please ask for a "Schengen-Visa". This visa is also valid for our neighboring countries Poland and Czech Republic.

  • Please make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your internship.

  • Get yourself an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

  • Book a flight to Germany. More information about the journey are available here. Please inform us when you are going to arrive in Germany.